Congratulations to the cast of  Singin’ in the Rain!
Rehearsals begin this Wednesday at 6pm at the Fon du lac administration building. Please bring  a $35 deposit check for scripts.

Cast List
Don Lockwood: Dan Olssen
Kathy Seldon: Tiffany Reich
Cosmo brown: Nyk Sutter
Lina Lamont: Courtney Moore
RF Simpson TBD
Roscoe Dexter TBD
Dora Bailey: Dianne Zellmer
Dinsmore/ Vocal Coach: Gena Gorman
Zelda: Larissa Baize
Tenor “beautiful Girl” solo: Carson Childs
Young Don Lockwood: Tristan schoenert
Rod/ Silent Movie Villain: Ethan Johnson
Engineer/ stagehand: Gary Beall
Olga Mara: Nicole Ferree
Dancers/ Assistants/ Fans/ feature dancers: Nicole Ferree, Amber Gibson, Lizzy Boyd, Abby Shearer, Hannah Gross, Abigail Reedy, Kelly Frickleton, Nicole Stephens, Ron Pruse, Ben Morrow, Ethan Johnson, Carson Childs
Policeman/ Stagehand:Dean Baize
Stagehand: Patrick Bell

Ensemble: Riley Gibler

Updated June 13, 2021