Cast List for The Prom

Emma- Kayla Breitbarth
Alyssa Green- Lottie Prather
Mr. Hawkinson -TBA
Mrs. Green- Erica O’Neill
Barry Glickman- Nate Sutter-Downs
Dee Dee Allen- Julia Firmand
Trent Oliver- Nyk Sutter-Downs
Angie Dickinson- TBA
Shelly- Gena Gorman

Ensemble- Eugene Lutz, Montgomery Wallace, John William Harney, Zach Stewart, Aimee Domaszewi, David Fritz, Ariel Vogel, Riley Gibler, Olivia Sims, Trevor Kliever, Darrell Kimbro

Specific roles will be assigned after rehearsals begin.

First rehearsal/ script read through will take place on July 24 at 2:00 PM at fondulac administration building bring a 35$ check for script deposit. Thank you to everyone who came out for auditions.