Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat returns for a unique viewing experience.  Thousands of people have enjoyed the magic that is Joseph over the last 29 years, so be sure to join us for this Central Illinois holiday tradition.

This Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical tells the story of Joseph and his eleven brothers. It was created as a soft rock fantasy that is fit for the entire family.

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Joseph's Gallery

Ahhhhhhh......What a Family

My Amazing... Colored... COAT! ( C-O-A-T-C-O-A-OFF)

Joseph '91 Cast and Crew

Tonya England, Andrew Driscoll (Joseph), Thom Parker (Potiphar), Marie-Claire Carignan (Potiphar's Wife), and Julie Boesch.

The Brothers and Ann

Ann Hagemann, Dan Challacombe, Dave Morgan, Terry Ricci, Keith O'Connor, and Thom Parker

The Brothers do the Gangsta Dance

Nick Tornow (Isacaar) leads The Brothers in "Canaan Days"

Full Company singing "Joseph's Coat"

From L to R: Branson Whitman, Tonya England, Erin Clark (Workman), Andrew Driscoll, Kelly Harvey, Julie Boesch, Carmen McCarthy, Rachel Weiman, and Damon Hackett

Isaachar (Nick Tornow) and his Infamous Beads

Terry Ricci as the Pharaoh

End of the Color Song

Nick Tornow as Joseph

Dawn Tornow (Mrs. Potiphar) and Dan Challacombe (Potiphar)

Chris Fuller and Ann Hagemann

Terry Ricci (Pharaoh) leading the Full Company

Carson Whitman (Benjamin) and Homer Dewey (Jacob)

The Brothers

Myron Elliott, David Morgan, and Chris Fuller

Ann Hagemann and Andrew Driscoll

Nick Tornow and the Gangsta Girls

Terry Ricci as the Pharaoh

Feelin' Green, Brothers?

Zose Canaan Days

Ann Hagemann

Andrew Driscoll and Todd DuBail

Terry Ricci, Ann Hagemann, Andrew Driscoll

Andrew Driscoll sings "Close Every Door"

J2k Cast and Crew

Daniel Coe Olsson and Rachel Lewis

Marilyn Haifa and Charles Killen

The Brothers

End of the Color Song

Daniel Coe Olsson and his Color Song Girls

Tami Frow singing "Pharaoh Story"

Derek Childs performing "Song of the King" backed by the Full Company

The Amazing Colored Coat

Jacob and Sons

Joseph (Eric Keysor) soulfully sings "Close Every Door"

Brothers singing "Canaan Days"

Narrator (Tami Frow) and the Survivor Ishmaelites

Girls Chorus fawn over Joseph

Narrator (Tami Frow) singing "Pharaoh Story"


Oh now brothers... Whatcha gonna do?

Narrator (Tami Frow) and Brothers

Brothers, Tami Frow, Christmas Ishmaelites, and Eric Keysor (Joseph)

Jacob and Sons

The Amazing Colored Coat

Let Us Grab Him Now!

Narrator and Potiphar

Who's The Thief?

Joseph (Adam Sitton) and his fan girls

Oh now brothers, what ya gonna do?

Narrator (Clarissa Childs)

Butler (Terry Ricci) sings his dream

Joseph and Narrator - Any Dream Will Do