Cast Announcement!

Thank you to everyone that came out for auditions.  Presenting our cast for Mamma Mia.  First cast meeting will be Monday July 15th at 6:30pm at the Fon du Lac administration building (same place as auditions were held).

Donna Sheridan – Nicole Simpkins
Tanya – Dianne Zellmer
Rosie – Gena Gorman
Sam Carmichael – TBA
Bill Austin – Dan Smith
Harry Bright – Kevin Wickart
Sophie Sheridan – Tiffany Riech
Ali – Ellie Tiley
Lisa – Linell Ferguson
Sky – Rigoberto Ernst
Pepper – Josiah Lohrer
Eddie – Connor Gibler
Father Alexandrios – Austin Locke

Featured Dancers: Vince Bruno, Kelleen Nitsch, Melissa Parilla, Eve Yoder

Ensemble/Islanders: Larissa Baize, Vince Bruno, Cameron Dingerson, Barb King, Karen Lesman, Valerie Moehle, Anna Nabhan, Casey Nabors, Kelleen Nitsch, Melissa Parilla, Eve Yoder

Cast Announcement!

Thank you to everyone that came out for auditions for Newsies.  We were over-the-moon with the turn out.  Hard decisions had to be made, but we are thrilled to announce our cast for this show.

Jack – Todd Michael Cook
Crutchie – Dylan Hill
Race – Clay Frankel
Albert – Zach Johnson
Finch – Olsen Drake
Romeo – Carson Childs
Elmer/Bill – Jacob Brodkorb
Henry/Darcy –Preston Burdett
Specs – Andrew Perez
Katherine – Tiffany Riech
Davey – Payton Drake
Les – Tristan Schonert
Spot – Nolan Drake
Oscar/Bunsen – Eric Motyl
Morris/Seitz – London Drake
Pulitzer – Mike Dvorsky
Hannah – Hannah Drake
Medda – Madison Boedecker
Wiesel/Nunzio/Mayor – Andrew Motyl
Stage Manager/ Jacobi/Thug/Teddy Roosevelt – Dan Smith
Snyder – TBA

Newsies – Olivia Al-Kayyaly, Natalie Baghusen, Lucy Barber, Elizabeth Church, Margaret Church, William Church, Hannah Clark, Lauren Dalton, Zoe Edwardsson, Jolie Fons, Lauren Frawley, Luka Friedrich, Tonya Gammon, Ashton Graves, Gabriela Juarez, Ava Klescewski, Kiera Mitchell, Angela Perez, Bethany Pittenger, Joshua Regan, Sarah Roberts, Chloe Schonert, Lilly Twait, Lexi Wake

Nuns – Lucy Barber, Hannah Drake, Tonya Gammon, Angela Perez, Bethany Pittenger

Bowery Beauties – Olivia Al-Kayyaly, Elizabeth Church, Lauren Dalton, Hannah Drake, Gabriela Juarez, Angela Perez

Scabs – William Church, Joshua Regan, Lauren Dalton